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How Long Do IRS Audits Take? Other Timing Involving Audits?

Do You Want To Know The Various Audit Time Frames?

How long after I file will the IRS take to send an audit letter?

Usually, it takes 4-6 weeks for the IRS to process your income tax return. Longer if filed during March and April. The IRS has 3 years from the due date to audit you. Usually, after about 2 years after filing, you may get an audit letter.
How long does the examination division give a taxpayer to set an audit appointment?

The audit letter will request that you call them as soon as possible to set up an appointment. They will give you an exact date and time that you must call by. We suggest that you don’t miss that deadline. If you do, the auditor may draft an adjustment report. They will leave out most of your deductions causing you to have a tax liability greater than you think is reasonable.
How far in the future can I schedule my audit appointment?

Normally, auditors want it scheduled within 30 days. Sometimes, if they have a large caseload, they will schedule it for two or three months later. You can always reschedule if you have problems gathering up your information. Sometimes rescheduling is a problem. People usually hire us when this occurs.

How long does the audit take?

Once the audit begins, expect it to last for several hours. Audits of more complicated returns can last for days or weeks. Some last for months, especially audits of businesses. Often, the audit will be left open until the taxpayer files any delinquent returns. This give the IRS a chance to audit those other years. The examiner may request other years to audit as well as additional information from third parties. They will hold the audit open until they receive and review the additional information. If you file an appeal, the audit will be held open until the auditor updates their workpapers. They will then be sent to appeals to assist in resolving the audit issue you appealed. Since this process often results in holding the audit open for several months, the taxpayer is often asked to sign an extension. This is an extension of time to complete the audit based on the statute of limitations of 3 years.
We are very experienced in all phases of audit scheduling and timing. We urge you to consider hiring a professional CPA firm, such as ours, for audit representation.